1. What is the interest rate for a car loan?

    Kindly click Personal - Tools & Rates - Car Loan Calculator and Rates for our latest loan rates for new and used cars.

  2. Can I apply for a car loan directly with Hong Leong Finance?

    No, direct application is not allowed. Instead, you may approach a car dealer to send in the loan application to us on your behalf.

  3. What is the status of my car loan application?
    Application was submitted through my car dealer a few days ago.

    Your car dealer is able to access the status on your application. You may check with them directly.

  4. I have received the loan application approval advice through my car dealer. Who can I contact if I have further queries?

    If your loan enquiries are related to the approval advice, you may approach your car dealer for clarification.

  1. Where can I get the Giro Application Form for Car Loan?

    You can obtain the Giro Application Form for Car Loan here. Upon completion, you can submit the ORIGINAL form to any of our branches for processing or mail it to us at 16 Raffles Quay #01-05 Hong Leong Building Singapore 048581.

  2. How do I know if Hong Leong Finance has received my Giro Application Form?

    Upon our receipt of your Giro Application Form, we will send you a letter acknowledging receipt. Upon approval by your banker, another letter will be sent advising you of the commencement date of your Giro deduction. You are advised to continue servicing the monthly instalment prior to your receipt of the second letter.

  3. How do I complete the Giro Application Form?

    Please complete the areas indicated with "" under Part 1 of the form and return the ORIGINAL form to us. Processing time is about 2 months - from application to approval from your bank.

  4. Why is my Giro deduction unsuccessful? Can Hong Leong Finance immediately submit for deduction again?

    You may check with your banker on the reason for the rejection. A rejection fee of S$3 will be levied for each unsuccessful deduction. There will only be one Giro deduction per month. You may wish to pay via Cash, Cheque, PayNow or AXS for the outstanding instalment if the Giro deduction is unsuccessful.

  1. What are the modes of payment available to pay my monthly instalment?

    • Cash payment at any of our branches

    • Cheque to be issued in favour of "Hong Leong Finance Ltd" and indicate vehicle number or Hire Purchase agreement number AND contact number on the reverse of the cheque. Cheque can be mailed to:
      Hong Leong Finance Ltd
      16 Raffles Quay
      #01-05 Hong Leong Building
      Singapore 048581
    • Interbank Giro (to be arranged) - Please submit ORIGINAL Giro Application Form to Hong Leong Finance and processing time is about 2 months - from application to approval from your bank. Thus, please continue to make payment directly to us until we notify you in writing on the commencement date for the Giro deduction

    • Payment through AXS via:
      1. AXS Station
      2. AXS m-Station (Download Mobile Apps via App Store and Google Play)
      3. AXS e-Station / internet banking (www.axs.com.sg)


      1. Select "Pay Bills"
      2. Select "Loans" -> Hong Leong Finance
      3. Select "Hire Purchase" -> Vehicle
      4. Key in payment details at the compulsory fields*:
        • *Vehicle Number or
        • *Agreement Number (Optional)
        • *Contact Number
        • *Amount (S$)
    • PayNow
      Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions - PayNow or PayNow for Deposit or Loan Payment or https://www.hlf.com.sg/contact/paynow.html for steps for payment.

  2. Is my AXS payment received and credited to my loan account?

    Transaction receipt printout from AXS machine or transaction e-receipt from AXS m-Station / AXS e-Station is a confirmation that your transaction is successful. No further credit advice will be issued by Hong Leong Finance for payment made via AXS.

  3. I have input incorrect vehicle / Hire Purchase agreement number when I made a payment via AXS. How do I rectify the error?

    Please call our Hotline at 6579 6738 and give us the correct details so that the error can be rectified.

  1. Can I settle my car loan partially?

    No, only full settlement is allowed.

  2. How do I serve the requisite 30 days’ notice of my intention to settle the Hire Purchase account?

    Please write a letter of notice and sign it off per your signature on the Hire Purchase agreement. Then scan the letter and email it to hploanadmin@hlf.com.sg or fax it to 6323 3271.

  3. I am a car dealer and have an authorisation letter from your Hirer to enquire for settlement amount. What is your fax number?

    Our fax number is 6323 3271.

  4. Please explain the interest rebate calculation using the Rule of 78 Method on Hire Purchase Flat Rate Loan.

    Calculation of the interest rebate is as follows: -

    "R" represents the interest charges rebate
    "n" represents the unexpired loan period expressed in months
    "t" represents the original loan period expressed in months
    "TC" represents the total amount of interest over the loan period

  5. How can I early settle my car loan and what is the settlement procedure?

    Settlement can be done at any of our 28 branches.

    Business hours
    Mondays to Fridays, 9.00am to 4.30pm except for public holidays

    Settlement procedure
    Hirer must settle the loan personally by producing your original identity card at any of our branches. Alternatively, the hirer may authorize a third party (e.g. the buyer or the car dealer) to settle the loan on his behalf. We will require hirer’s prior written authorization with signature to be faxed or email to us first. Please fax to 6323 3271 or email to hploanadmin@hlf.com.sg to facilitate our verification.

    On settlement day, your authorized representative must produce the following:

    • the original authorization letter signed by you
    • his/her identity card and
    • the requisite payment

    Hirer can settle by way of cash, cashier’s order or your personal cheque. Please note that third party can only settle by way of cash or cashier’s order.

  1. How can I obtain a copy of my statement of account?

    You may make the request by emailing to us at hploanadmin@hlf.com.sg and indicate your Hire Purchase agreement number.

  2. Can I check my outstanding balance / details of my account online?

    You are currently not able to check your outstanding balance / details of your account online. You may make your request via email to hploanadmin@hlf.com.sg, or using the Callback Form. Alternatively, you may contact our Hotline at 6579 6738.

  3. Do you send advices before my payments fall due?

    No, we do not send monthly payment advice prior to payment due date. Loan information relating to the agreement number, monthly loan instalment due date and amount can be found in our letter and the Hire Purchase agreement sent to you when the loan commences.

  4. What are my loan details, e.g. pre-payment fee expiry date?

    Please call our Hotline at 6579 6738 for assistance.

  5. I have just changed my vehicle number at LTA. How can I update Hong Leong Finance?

    You do not need to update us. LTA will inform us through Hire Purchase, Finance and Leasing Association of Singapore. We will write to you upon updating of our record.

  6. I would like to update my mailing address. How do I go about it?

    You can obtain the Update/Change of Personal Particulars Form here. Upon completion, you can email the form to hpoperations@hlf.com.sg.

  7. When is my instalment due date for payment? I would like to request for change of due date to coincide with my salary crediting date.

    Please refer to your Hire Purchase agreement for your instalment due date. If the request will result in extending the loan period beyond the maximum tenure of 7 years, the request will generally not be allowed. Otherwise, you are required to write in with the request for our consideration and pay the requisite administrative fee / differential interest.

  8. Can I extend my loan tenure or request for refinancing of existing loan at lower interest rate?

    No, changing of loan tenure or interest rate is not allowed after the Hire Purchase agreement is in force.

  9. I have yet received the Hire Purchase agreement. When can I expect it?

    Upon loan disbursement, which is subject to documentation being in order, we will send the Hire Purchase agreement via registered mail within 7 days. Please email to hpoperations@hlf.com.sg for any assistance.

  10. I have received a copy of Hong Leong Finance’s tax invoice together with the Hire Purchase agreement. Why is the amount stated therein not the loan amount? Can I use this invoice to claim back the GST from Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore?

    The tax invoice includes GST on the car purchase. For hirers who are Corporations/and a GST registered company, the tax invoice may be used to claim back the GST. For hirers who are individuals, GST claim is not applicable and therefore the tax invoice is for your information only.

    The taxable amount stated may differ from the car purchase price because the price is made up of several components. Of which, some are not subject to GST (e.g. COE, road tax, additional registration fee, registration fee).

  11. My car loan has been settled but I am unable to transfer ownership because Hong Leong Finance has not released Form B. What can I do?

    Please call our Hotline at 6579 6738 for assistance.

  12. How can I enquire about my car insurance matters (the insurance company, expiry date, insurance renewal, accident claim, etc)?

    You may wish to contact your insurance agent directly.

  13. Where are your branches located and what are your operating hours?

    Kindly click Locate Us for our branches location and operating hours.

  14. Can you please assist me regarding my car loan with HL Bank?

    We are sorry that we are unable to assist as we are Hong Leong Finance and not Hong Leong Bank. We are different business entities.