HLF FASTPAY. Highly favourable FX rates and fees for overseas remittance.

Introducing HLF FASTPAY

FAVOURABLE Exchange Rates. $0 FX Conversion Fees Within Wallet. EFFORTLESS remittance

Also the perfect travel accessory for easy and hassle-free journeys.

HLF FASTPAY's multi-currency VISA debit card supports over 20 foreign currencies in an e‑wallet, offering the flexibility to conveniently remit funds to ASEAN countries, Europe, Americas, and various parts of Asia and Africa. Enjoy attractive currency exchange rates derived from Reuters with minimal mark-up, ensuring your funds go further compared to using traditional banks and saving time going to a money changer.

Remittance to China

We prioritise your security to provide you with peace of mind. Continue remitting to China with confidence using HLF FASTPAY. This secure and reliable service operates through official bank and card channels.

Say goodbye to unnecessary fees and enjoy $0 FX conversion fees when you convert currencies seamlessly within your e‑wallet.

Top-up the multi-currency wallet or account easily with SGD funds via PayNow funds from another bank account. You can convert it into any foreign currency you want within the wallet at a great exchange rate and change any leftover foreign cash back to SGD anytime effortlessly. Should you wish to return any remaining funds to your bank account, you can also use PayNow to do so.

Integrated with the Visa debit card, HLF FASTPAY offers swift and secure virtual payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay, catering to your daily needs—whether dining or shopping online or in-store.

We understand the importance of having a physical VISA card at times, especially during travel. Don't forget to request your physical card within the HLF FASTPAY app. With options for a virtual and physical card, HLF FASTPAY provides the choices and flexibility you need.

HLF FASTPAY for your travels

HLF FASTPAY for your travels

Experience the ultimate travel convenience with HLF FASTPAY. Say goodbye to money changers, shop like a local, and effortlessly manage leftover foreign currencies. Enjoy great exchange rates anytime, anywhere, helping you minimize expenses and make the most of your holiday budget. With HLF FASTPAY, travel confidently and maximize your adventure at every destination.

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HLF FASTPAY for Businesses is also available.

Find out more about Apple Pay. It's the simple, secure and quick way to pay.

Scan here to download the HLF FASTPAY App via Apple App Store or Google Play Store and step into a realm of financial freedom and convenience, including seamless remittance features.



Everyday use

Visa debit card payment for online and in-store purchases.


Send funds to your beneficiary at favourable currency exchange rates that are generally better than bank.

Overseas Travel

Your travel companion with a multi-currency wallet that holds more than 20 currencies.


Enjoy these with HLF FASTPAY

  1. Save on cost
    • Enjoy favourable exchange rates with wide currency choices including USD, EURO and YEN and $0 FEES for FX conversions within e‑wallet.
    • Store and use currencies that you need. Avoid unnecessary conversion fees.
    • Charges are transparent so you know what you are paying for.
    • Increased savings when compared to traditional methods.
    • No charge for fall-below-balance in the multi-currency e‑wallet.

  2. Wide currency choices
    • Multi-currency e‑wallet that supports over 20 currencies (SGD, USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, CNY, JPY, THB, AUD, AED, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, HUF, ILS, NOK, NZD, PLN, RON, SEK, ZAR).

  3. Cyber security
    • High-performing, industry leading real-time fraud detection systems that allow for immediate blocking of transactions and flagging for further review.
    • Spend management and control your expenses by Merchant Categories or by amount.
    • User lock card feature in-app to stop suspicious card activities.

  4. Convenience
    • Send, spend and receive money online 24/7, anytime, anywhere.
    • Visa debit card can be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay for more payment flexibility.
    • Easy and fast payment locally or overseas to your friends, dependants and family members.
    • Accepted by a wide network of global VISA merchants.
    • Top-up e-wallet conveniently with FAST.
    • Add a supplementary card any moment, with a possibility to control spend limits and merchants allowed.
    • Make payments easily with PayNow. PayNow is available as one of the Payout Methods.

  5. Expense Management
    • Easy expense management with real-time visibility.
    • Set spending limit to keep within budget for greater control.

  1. Singaporean, Singapore PR or foreigners who are above age of 18 years old.
  2. Foreigners must have a valid pass.

Getting Started is Easy

HLF FASTPAY app is available on:


Use  Myinfo  or submit your identification documents online.

Start Using

Account open within minutes.

HLF FASTPAY App is owned solely and managed by Nium Pte. Ltd. a licensee by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

Rates and fees stated are subject to change without notice.

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