Contact us at 6579 6777 immediately to report any suspicious activities or transactions relating your Hong Leong Finance accounts. Learn how to avoid becoming a scam victim.

Loan Scam Alert

We are aware that there are scammers impersonating Hong Leong Finance to gain public trust. They advertise on social media or online offering loans, issue false loan contracts bearing logos of the company and our subsidiary, instruct victim to transfer money before the loan can be disbursed, ask for personal information and then use the information to harass or threaten the victim for more payments.

Please stay vigilant and protect yourself from scam advertisements, websites, calls, phishing emails, letters and SMSes that impersonate Hong Leong Finance. Do note disclose personal information, take loans, make fund transfers, or withdraw monies based on instructions from unverified sources.

Avoid Becoming The Next Victim

Common Scam Tactics

Be cautious, especially when someone persistently pressure you to act urgently or instil fear in you with unverified information. The best defence to safeguard ourselves is to know how to identify scams, stay informed and be vigilant.

Here are some common scam tactics and what you should do:

Impersonation Scams

Impersonation Scams
Ignore the caller and hang up immediately. Verify the authenticity of the caller. Do not share your personal banking credentials with anyone.

Love Scams

Love Scams
Exercise caution when befriending strangers online. Do not send money to whom you do not know or have not met in person before.

Banking-related Phishing Scams

Banking-related Phishing Scams
Phishing websites are created to look like legitimate websites. Be alert. Check on the URL link. Do not enter personal credentials and one-time password (OTP) and do not proceed to authorize suspicious transactions.

6 "S" To Prevent Scams
  1. Spot the signs: Recognise the tactics that scammers use.
  2. Stop and think: Ask yourself or others if a statement, message or job offer could be true.
  3. Slow down, don't rush: Do not rush into providing your personal or banking details.
  4. Speak to others: Check with others to verify the authenticity of a claim before doing anything.
  5. Safeguard personal details and passwords: Never disclose personal information, even if the request appears to be legitimate.
  6. Seek help: Talk to friends or family members for advice or support if you have been impacted by a scam.

Fake Cryptocurrency Website

Scammers have set up various fake websites using Hong Leong Finance's name to promote cryptocurrencies. Hong Leong Finance is not involved and does not plan to be involved in the sale of cryptocurrencies or any other products that are connected to cryptocurrencies. Please stay vigilant and protect yourself from scam websites, calls, phishing emails, and SMSes that impersonate Hong Leong Finance. Do not release any personal information, make fund transfers, or withdraw monies based on instructions from unverified sources.

Recruitment Scam

It has come to our notice that certain individuals and organisations have been offering false employment opportunities with Hong Leong Finance (HLF).

They purport to recruit on our behalf and inform unknowing individuals that their qualifications are suitable for employment with HLF.

Please note that these are fraudulent offers that seek to deceive the victims. They do not originate from or represent true offers of employment from HLF. Please also note that HLF operates only in Singapore and does not have any offices overseas.

HLF (or any employment agencies that recruit on our behalf) will not ask for any money or payments from individuals at any point. Neither will we recommend/invite members of the public to make any investment. All individuals, whether directly or through the agency, are always required to go through a formal recruitment process before any successful offer of employment with HLF.

We advise that you do not respond to unsolicited recruitment offers from people with whom you are unfamiliar. Do not provide any financial or personal information when applying for a position with HLF, and do not send any money to anyone you suspect of recruitment scam.

If you have any queries regarding the authenticity of the recruitment offer received, you may send them to Please also forward the original email and any other details that you may have. We take these scams seriously and will enforce legal and criminal actions where necessary.


Worried that you may be scammed?
Call our Customer Service Hotline at 6579 6777.