Financing products for your business

Choose a Working Capital Financing

EMPOWERS ME to build my business capabilities and be future ready.

EMPOWERS ME to access more funds for my business growth.

EMPOWERS ME to convert my business receivables into cash advance in a fast and convenient way.

EMPOWERS ME to start a new project or fuel the growth of my business with Working Capital Term Loan and Revolving Working Capital Line.

EMPOWERS ME to fund my purchase of raw materials with various financing options.

Choose a Property Loan

EMPOWERS ME to shape and grow my business by owning my premises or upgrading it to the latest facilities.

EMPOWERS ME to build a legacy in Singapore and realise the full potential of my land and property.

Choose an Equipment Loan

EMPOWERS ME to acquire or upgrade equipment and machinery to expand my business.

EMPOWERS ME to build my business capabilities and be future ready.

Choose a Loan for Medical Professionals

EMPOWERS ME to give my patients the treatment they deserve with the latest medical equipment and technology.

EMPOWERS ME to own my clinic with attractive mortgage loan.

Choose a Government Assistance Scheme

EMPOWERS ME to upgrade and automate my equipment or buy HDB/JTC factory premises.

EMPOWERS ME to borrow to enhance my cash flow or for business efficiency by automating and upgrading factory and equipment.

EMPOWERS ME to improve my cash flow to support my business operation and expansion.

EMPOWERS ME to secure short-term financing for working capital.

EMPOWERS ME to gain access to a financial loan to support my business expansion abroad.