S$30 million credit limit

Maximise the support for your expansion

Up to 6 years tenure

Finance your overseas business growth on a suitable loan

Up to 90% financing

Enjoy high margin of financing


Asset-based financing

  • Purchase fixed assets for use overseas

Merger and Acquisition financing

  • Finance the acquisition of equity stakes in businesses with the intent of overseas expansion
Type Maximum Loan Quantum Maximum Loan Tenure
Fixed Asset Up to 90% 1 Up to 6 years
Merger & Acquisition Up to 70% 2 Up to 5 years
1. Based on valuation or purchase price, whichever is lower
2. Based on the value of the sales order or contract amount or project value


Qualifying Singapore Entity (QSE)

QSE is defined as a company, business or firm incorporated in Singapore with:

  • Meaningful and substantial business operations in Singapore
  • Global Headquarters anchored in Singapore

Annual turnover and its subsidiaries must not exceed the following:

  • Non-Trading Companies: S$300 million
  • Trading Companies (more than 50% of turnover comes from buying and selling goods): S$500 million

The overseas business complements the activities of the QSE's Singapore operations and result in quantifiable economic spin-offs to Singapore.


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