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TDSR Exemption

TDSR Exemption

No need for TDSR for loan not more than 50% of property value

No Capital Prepayment Penalty

No Capital Prepayment Penalty

Make capital prepayment without penalty to save on loan interest

COVID-19 Home Loan Reliefs

Help families ease their financial strain


  • Cash-out with a term loan up to 50% of private residential property value without having to sell your home
  • Flexible partial capital prepayment to save on loan interest cost without penalty
  • Subsequent Add-On Loan application requires simple application form completion and provision of identity proof and CPF statements only
  • Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) exemption
  • Fixed and variable rate packages available

COVID-19 home loan reliefs are available to customers with equity loan.


For owner-occupied and investment private residential properties owners who are applying for mortgage equity withdrawal loans with Loan-to Value ratios of 50% and below.

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