Security Advisory

Online security is everyone’s concern.

We strongly encourage all visitors to our website to familiarise themselves with common security issues, in order to better protect themselves against malicious software and to maintain a more pleasant online experience.

Fraudulent Requests

  • Hong Leong Finance will not make unsolicited requests for customer information through an email or phone unless it is the customers who initiated the contact.
  • If you receive an email with little or no notice, that request you to access a link that leads you to a spoof or fake website, reply to the email or call a phone number to update and confirm your confidential information, do not reply or click on the link in the email.
  • Report to us any suspicious email or fake websites purporting to be from Hong Leong Finance.


  • Be alert to any Spyware activity occurring on your computer. Be suspicious and investigate when you see a lot of popup banners appearing or start receiving unsolicited email that appear to be from sources with access to your personal details.
  • Do not open files with file extensions that are likely to be associated with malware (e.g. .bat, .com, .exe, .pif, .vbs, etc)

Trusted And Untrusted Sources

  • Before submitting financial information through a web site, look out for the presence of SSL encryption and web server digital certificate information. All Hong Leong Finance online forms use SSL encrypted connections, as indicated by "https://" in the Internet address entry. The name of our institution appears in the web server digital certificate.
  • Do not download software or click on email attachment files from unknown and untrusted sources.
  • Customers should not accept hyperlinks or redirections from other websites to get to Hong Leong Finance online forms.

Keep Your Software Up To Date

  • It is recommended to use supported and updated browsers to cut down the risk of security vulnerabilities.
  • Install and update your anti-virus software regularly with the latest virus definition files.
  • Install and update your anti-spyware application regularly to detect and disable/cleanse keylogging software.
  • Update and patch your operating system and applications regularly.

Linked Web Sites

  • Hong Leong Finance is not responsible for the contents available on or the setup of any third party site linked to this site.
  • All information that users provide will be subject to the terms of use at the third party site. Hong Leong Finance takes no responsibility for any information users provide at such third party site.