Enjoy contactless fixed deposits renewal at Hong Leong Finance

Enjoy contactless fixed deposit renewal without the need of visiting our branches.

Fixed Deposit Advice (FDA)

With effect from 20 Sep 2021, FDAs will be issued for placements and renewals of Fixed Deposits (FD). The FDA will reflect details such as the account number, principal amount, tenure and contracted interest rate. The FDA is for your reference only and is not required to be presented for withdrawal or renewal purposes.


Fixed Deposit Maturity SMS Alert

A SMS notification will be sent to your mobile number maintained in our records, 2 weeks prior to your FD maturity date. You may renew the matured FD by changing the principal amount/tenure or uplift it on its maturity date. If there is a change in your mobile number, please click here to update.


Fixed Deposit Auto-Renewal

If there is no action undertaken by you upon maturity, your FD will be automatically renewed with Principal and Interest added therein for the same tenure at Hong Leong Finance's applicable Board or Special rate. A Renewal Notification Letter will be sent to the last known address maintained in our records. If there are changes to your personal particulars, please click here to update.

View Fixed Deposit Board or Special rate

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Terms and Conditions governing deposit accounts.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Learned that Hong Leong Finance just introduced Fixed Deposit Advice for new deposit placement as well as renewal. What is the difference between a Fixed Deposit Receipt and Fixed Deposit Advice?

    Previously, fixed deposits placements were issued with Fixed Deposit Receipts which must be presented or surrendered when a transaction is made. We are now replacing it with a Fixed Deposit Advice and it is not necessary for it to be presented or surrendered. All Fixed Deposit Advices will be auto-renewed upon maturity.

  2. Why are you discontinuing the Fixed Deposit Receipts?

    We are bringing convenience and seamless experience to our customers with the introduction of Fixed Deposit Advice where renewals or withdrawals can be transacted without the Advice.

  3. May I know more of the auto-renewal of my Fixed Deposit?

    When your deposit is auto-renewed, it means that the principal sum and the interest therein are renewed at maturity for the same tenure as that of the original deposit.

  4. Will I be notified when my Fixed Deposits are auto-renewed upon maturity?

    Yes, a Fixed Deposit Renewal Notification Letter, addressed to all account holders, will be mailed to you upon the auto-renewal of your deposits.

    However, on or before the maturity of your deposit, you are required to give us renewal instructions for example, to participate in our Fixed Deposit Promotion Campaign. In which case, you may visit any of our 28 branches with your identification document (e.g. NRIC) or make use of the Fixed Deposit Instruction Form.

  5. Do I need to present my Fixed Deposit Receipt to effect a transaction?

    For fixed deposits placed before 20 Sep 2021, for which a Fixed Deposit Receipt was issued, the Receipt must be presented for withdrawal or renewal.

  6. Can I make a total withdrawal or withdraw only my interest earned after the Fixed Deposit has been auto-renewed?

    Yes, you may make a total withdrawal or withdraw only the interest earned or make changes to the tenures of the deposit after it has been auto-renewed. The effective date of the transaction will be from the transaction date.

    Please visit any of our 28 branches with your identification document (e.g. NRIC) or make use of the Fixed Deposit Instruction Form.

  7. Will I receive reminder notifications for my Fixed Deposit maturity?

    Yes, we will send a SMS notification to your mobile number registered with us or a reminder letter will be mailed to your last known address as per our record.

  8. I have lost my Fixed Deposit Advice. What should I do?

    Should you misplace your Fixed Deposit Advice, you may request for a statement of account instead. Loss of Fixed Deposit Advice need not be reported.

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